Socially Assisted Rental Housing:

Helping Those In Need

Tawaak Housing Association’s social housing objectives are targeted toward urban Aboriginal households that cannot obtain affordable, suitable and adequate shelter in the private market. Under joint federal-provincial agreements, Tawaak Housing Association works with the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, Housing Services to assist those households most in need.


Key initiatives include:

Urban Native Housing Program

Provides subsidy assistance to Tawaak Housing Association, an Aboriginal sponsered non profit housing organization, to own and operate rental housing projects. Under this program, 129 needy households are being assisted on a rent to income basis.


Private Non-Profit Housing Program

Similar in operation to the Urban Native Housing Program, provides subsidy assistance to non-profit rental housing projects on a rent-to-income basis for households in need. Under this program, 16 needy Aboriginal households are being assisted.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Aboriginal ancestry:We aim for equal access to housing services and treat all members of the Aboriginal community with respect, openness and dignity.
  • Income:Social housing is targeted to assist households in need that cannot find afordable housing in the private market. Our housing is established on a rent-to-income basis.


How to Open the Door

  • apply on the forms provided by Tawaak Housing Association;
  • applications reviewed by selection committee when needs assessment is conducted;
  • approved applications placed on housing list in line with housing priorities.


Supportive Housing:

Bridging the Gap

Strategic Objective

  • Getting the homeless off the street into a safe, secure environment by providing supportive housing that serves to bridge the gap between homelessness and the transition to self reliance and independant living.



  • To provide supportive housing to homeless urban Aboriginal peoples that, otherwise, would not have access to housing in either the private market or social housing sectors;
  • To provide Aboriginal liason and counselling services to assist the homeless connect with existing community support mechanisms to help resolve problems related to homelessness and move towards independent living and self reliance.


Support Services – Referrals

  • Training
  • Education
  • Career development
  • Employment
  • Counselling


Physical Environment

  • Two, 6-unit, self-contained and fully furnished apartment buildings in Halifax and Dartmouth;
  • Monitored security buildings;
  • Alcohol and Drug Free buildings.